Friday, May 20, 2011

My PeopleString

 PeopleString is a social network that I link together with Myspace, Facebook, twitter, etc. You setup your own profile, talk to friends, check your email, things you normally do on other social networks. I have access to my Yahoo and Gmail, and my PeopleString email all in one place too. You can also access MSN and AOL.

I love PeopleSring and I think that you might like it too, so I thought that I would share.

You click the Insta Portal to add what ever websites that you want to add.  Below is different images of my PeopleString and how I have mine set up.

My Facebook Feed...& my IM Faceplate portals

I love the Insta Portal  feature! I've added all the sites that I visit the most so that I have them all in one place. My blog sites, my photo websites, my Facebook feed, yuwie, etc. There is all sorts of widgets that you can add. I love Garfield so I added his cartoon widget to my page.  You can close the portals that you don't want to see.

Here are more views of my portal:

My Yuwie Portal is open on  the right

My blog, SmugMug, & Big Crumbs

It is cool isn't it?...and what is even cooler is that I am making money with PeopleString. Each time that I log in I make money. I get people points when I play games. Play PeopleString Prize Wheel, Guess Which Hand, PeopleLotto, and a variety of other PeopleGames to win even more PeoplePoints that become cash in your account!
Photobucket You also get .50 for each person that you refer! Plus you get paid .20 for 5 levels past the 1st sign up. It doesn't sound like much but it adds up fast! It is free to sign up so you have nothing to lose. I'm enjoying PeopleString and I think that you will too. You can promote what you are into there too :)

Join PeopleString for free!

If you think PeopleSring is something you would like...please use my referral link here:

Thank you and I hope to see you soon :)

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