Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun

I thought I would share some Easter fun and interesting websites and blogs that I came across while stumbling. If you haven't stumbled with StumbleUpon you should give it a try.  I'm always finding cool websites that I would not have found any other way.

 A fun site to check out is the Jelly Belly Candy Store  There's fun recipes, downloadable wallpaper, contest, a great springtime idea section, and a bake and decorate center.  There is also a jelly bean art collection with famous faces like Elvis and Marilyn  Monroe .

I have mentioned the Think Geek Website before and I  had to mention it again...where else can you find a "Chocolate Zombie Bunny"?...and lol...they are sold out!

This is just one of the fun recipes on the "so, How's It Taste?" website.  It has a lot of great recipes with easy to follow instructions, and wonderful pictures to show off the finished dish.  I can't wait to try the 7-Layer Mexican Dip.  

Who doesn't like PEEPS? 
The Peeps website was fun to check out.  Fun recipes, a peep gallery, and you can create your own Peep World, and more. 

PEEPS® Blue Raspberry Sparkle

 Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas

I love Maxine!...and I didn't have to stumble to find her, but I did come across these funnies while stumbling.


I found the picture above while stumbling and there was no information about the picture. 


My StumbleUpon Profile

This is from the StumbleUpon website.  It's what it's all about and how it works:


Decorating Tips to Dye For! 7 New Ways to Dress Up Your Easter Eggs

  from Yahoo! Shine
I forgot about Shine being a part of Yahoo. It has a little bit of everything. Fashion and beauty, healthy living, career and money, parenting, and a lot more...

Treme's season 2 starts tonight on HBO and I am going to go and get ready to watch it.  Treme is one of my favorite shows. To find out about the show check out the website here: 

Recap of season 1

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