Sunday, May 8, 2011

Continued From Yesterday

A beautiful day to start a garden. 

Here are some of the plants that we bought yesterday for the garden (my mother's day present)


Rick just couldn't stand it, he had to get out and start digging. He was going to wait and get a rototiller but once he started digging he said it wasn't that hard. 

Rainey got out and helped a bit too.

...Cassie is right in the middle of everything.  She wore herself out running around looking for her treasures and keeping them from us.  You can't see it very well in the picture but she is guarding her 2X4 block of wood.

  You would think Rick has had a garden before. He is doing a great job laying it out.

When I went out to check to see how the garden was coming along Cassie was still out there gaurding her piece of wood.


I think Rick is done for today.  It is looking good...that was a lot of digging!

I thought that he was done for the day.  He looked

Now he is playing in the water to make sure the water is flowing right. 

We can't plant the veggies until next weekend. It is safe to plant when it doesn't get below 50° and we're still in the 40's at night.

Cassie can't stand it, she has to stay in the back yard now.  She got in trouble for tracking mud in the house :(

She is not a happy camper.

I've started dinner.  I'm baking orange chicken in the oven and I'm going to serve it with rice.  I know Rick will come in when it's time for dinner for sure.  He has about 20 more minutes before dinner is ready.  He is playing in the mud now.

I hope your day was a good one.
Have a wonderful evening everyone.


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